Welcome to POSHAN Abhiyaan E-Learning ICMR-NIN Modules

The e-learning modules on various nutritional themes - Basics of Nutrition, Child feeding, Mothers' Health & Nutrition, Anemia, Yoga, Food fortification, Physical activity, etc. aim to educate people on practical nutritional knowledge pertaining to our daily life. These modules are highly informative containing valuable scientific information on everyday nutrition. These are designed to be used by all the members of population in the country.

You may get registered here to use our modules, view them at your convenience and then take a simple test at the end to gauge your understanding of the information provided. Our modules will empower you to eat right and lead a healthy life. Also, you will earn a certificate of appreciation from the Government of India, on finishing the module.

Come, be a part of POSHAN Abhiyaan by being a proud knowledge seeker. Be Nutrition- conscious and help spread your new knowledge among your near and dear. Empower people to lead healthy lives!

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